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  • Joe B., about Bell's Palsy, posted in Google in May 2016

    My name is Joseph Borrelli and im 53 years old I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy four weeks ago. I was given steroids and antiviral medications by my doctor and after two weeks I didn't see any change or progress. I searched on the internet for answers to help improve the paralysis on the left side of my face. I could not close my left eye could not raise my eyebrow and had no movement from my lips to my forehead, needless to say I was extremely frustrated and depressed. I found thru searching that acupuncture has helped in treating Bells. I have had four treatments with Junmin Jin In the past two weeks and I can see a tremendous improvement in my face. I can fully close my left eye and movement has returned to my left side. Id say I'm 50 to 60 % back. Mr. Jin has helped me regain my confidence just like he said he would. He is very knowledgeable, patient and caring. I drive all the way from Binghamton N.Y. a 3 and 1/2 drive just to get acupuncture treatments from Mr. Jin. and its the best decision I've made since I was diagnosed with Bells. I strongly recommend if you have Bells Palsy don't hesitate get in to the professionals at Hold Acupuncture you wont be sorry.

  • Katherin V. reviewed on Google about trigeminal nerve in May 2016

    I was suffering with my trigeminal nerve for about 3 years. I took a lot of bottles of medicine monthly and numerous pills a day but my condition never seemed to get better, I just got sicker day by day. I consulted acupuncture with doctor Shuang Huo and went to her every week. After my third time with doctor Huo my condition was better than all the three years of medicine that I had. Since my condition has improved majorly I now take no pills and don't feel much pain as before. I am very content with her treatment and kindness and her caring way of being. I totally recommend her for anyone that is in pain. She is one of the best doctors.

  • Jacob M. posted on Google in March 2016

    I highly recommend Shuang Huo's practice. I've been going for several months. I didn't really know anything about acupuncture and had never gone before, but was always curious. Thanks to my insurance, I was able to go for a very reasonable rate, 20 times a year. I originally went to Dr. Huo to treat general tension in my wrists from computer use and also to boost my immune system after having been very sick the previous year. Within only a few treatments, my wrists felt more relaxed than they had in years. I didn't even think it was possible for them to feel that way again, while still using the computer the same amount. She has also helped pain in my knees and in my chest. I feel better in general from going and really enjoy the hour. Dr. Huo is very kind, patient, and professional. She never pushes anything, but is great at giving her recommendations. The office is in a perfect location near Park Avenue and the rooms are very quiet and relaxing. I highly recommend!

  • katherin V., posted on Google review on Sept., 2015
    I was suffering with my trigeminal nerve for about 3 years. I took a lot of bottles of medicine monthly and numerous pills a day but my condition never seemed to get better, I just got sicker day by day. I consulted acupuncture with doctor Shuang Huo and went to her every week. After my third time with doctor Huo my condition was better than all the three years of medicine that I had. Since my condition has improved majorly I now take no pills and don't feel much pain as before. I am very content with her treatment and kindness and her caring way of being. I totally recommend her for anyone that is in pain. She is one of the best doctors.

  • J.B posted on Yelp on 07/29/2015

    I've recently gone into Menopause, but for over a year have been bedridden with something no Western Doctor can suss out. The menopausal symptoms became So severe that I decided to try HRT against my judgement. It gave me relief in 7 days but with the side effect of a severe fungal infection over large areas of my body - severe pain, oozing,bleeding, sheets needing daily change.

    Dr. Shuang Huo was recommended by a dear friend. I've had my fill seeing numerous Western Doctors one after another, so I went in quite dejected not expecting much.

    Dr. Huo took me to her office in the back, examined me physically, took a full medical history, asked about my diet, test results of the recent past, and I realized later, memorized Everything about me that concerned my condition and more. What was most important was she Very patiently Listened. She did Not interrupt me, she did Not make me feel as if my suddenly recalling things and adding them - what other doctors would call "jumping around too much" - was a bother to her. Quite the contrary, she stayed with me, understood everything. She was extremely thorough, and anything unclear, she politely made certain that she understood what I meant. I felt as if I was having a dream in which I was being treated the way all patients deserve to be treated: listened to with compassion and treated as a human being, rather than being rushed along while the doctor has already made a diagnosis in the first few minutes. I felt an immediate sense of comfort and relief.

    Once on the table for the actual acupuncture, I asked her to address the multitude of things that have been plaguing me for nearly two years, but she was adamant about addressing one thing at a time as I had a plethora of issues going on all at once. She explained every step of the way what was going on, and which needles addressed what. She also wanted to know what I felt. We - I say "We" because it felt from our first session together as if this was a Doctor AND Patient Relationship, and not the Doctor/patient Dictatorship I have come to see as the norm. We first addressed the skin infection. In a month it had completely cleared up. To say this is a miracle is an understatement since the infection was so severe and so painful. She went on to address the hormonal issue, and after she noticed my system could handle a little more, she began to work on more than one thing at a time, always noting how my body reacted. She works from a very intuitive level, with an incredible wisdom of the Body, Mind, and Spirit.
    Dr. Huo has helped with Everything far more than any Western doctor has or the many creams and pills I have been prescribed for a variety of issues. I am not shunning Western medicine, I believe it has it's place. Chinese Medicine is Still Medicine. Both are valid. Personally, in a time when so many chemicals are added to pills whose derivatives often come from plants, so many tests performed repeatedly at such high cost to the patient in Every sense of the word, I'll choose Chinese medicine and Nature over pills. Or, if necessary, the two can be combined with no clashing. I believe that Acupuncture can and does compliment Western Medicine.

    I wrote this realizing many people may not be aware Acupuncture can help with skin issues, or skin diseases. I urge anyone to delve into the many issues that Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help with.
    Regarding my continuing visits, she still recalls Everything. Being so busy, I don't know how she does it because she doesn't take notes, she memorizes. She recalls to the very last detail any changes or improvements. She makes certain that you are comfortable, and remembers - for example - whether you like a pillow under your knees, and the temperature most comfortable for you.
    She is very clear, should you forget, that she is working from a Chinese Doctor's perspective, she does not urge you to stop any medication, nor does she opine one way or the other on Western Medicine. She informs you on your first visit how many sessions she believes will resolve the issue. I've even asked for more sessions, and she has very kindly told me that it is not about the quantity, it is about the quality. When I've had periods where I've missed a few sessions, she Still recalls every little detail and points out that perhaps the gap was better because she could gauge how it had continued to work on me. If you have an emergency, she urges you to call her. Whenever I have left her office, without fail, my husband Always says that I "look better, radiant." I walk into her office not feeling so great, or, Awful as was the case in the beginning. I walk out as if she has hit a reset button.

  • M.C. , thanks card received on 03/09/2015

    Dear Shuang,
    I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all that you have done for me. Even after the first few months of treatment with you, I wanted to come with flowers to show my appreciation! You and your treatment have played a very life-changing role in my life this year and it only felt right to share with you. Beyond the relief of physical symptoms, it has been very helpful (and fun) to experience the emotional & spiritual & mental benefits and how it all works together. I do not fully understand the underlying fundamentals of acupuncture, but it is clear the impact it has made with each of my little recoveries as well as my larger one in life! Thank you for always listening! Sharing your expertise, and being so insightful. Love&peace,

    Original Thanks Card

  • Alex S. on hearing issues,10/27/2014

    I saw Shuang Huo for an ear condition that started in the summer of 2014. There was pressure and fullness in my left ear, similar to the feeling you get when coming down in an airplane. It was difficult to hear, but worse, when I tried to use the telephone, the person's voice caused a buzzing noise. I was switching the phone to my right ear. I saw an otolaryngologist, and after using an endoscope to visualize the area of the soft palate where the Eustachian tube opens, he said there was congestion and inflammation, and to use a nasal steroid spray possibly for "a long time." I also saw an allergist who came to same conclusion: nasal steroid spray. Instead I wanted to see if acupuncture would help. At first the improvement was subtle, but after about 6-8 weeks of weekly treatment, the ear returned to its previous level of functioning.

  • Wing S on Bell's Palsy, 6/27/2014 post on Yelp.com

    I suffered from Bell's Palsy on 05/21/14, was so depressed and in shock didn't know how to deal with it. Dr Huo and Prisca are 2 wonderful acupuncturists who are so kind and patient listened to my complaints, concern and pain in life. I have been in treatment for 9 times already, Bell's Palsy completely recovered in 3-4 weeks which is amazingly fast. I was told this condition will take normally 2-3 months or even longer. i am so grateful to have found this clinic that specializes for Bell's Palsy treatment. The office is clean and bright, staff is friendly and easily reachable. Prisca talked to me in every treatment and calmed me down because i was so stressed out. they also treat a lot of other symptoms. I highly recommend to anyone who suffer for any symptom that can be helped by acupuncture treatment. it really works!!

  • Caralena K. reviewed on 07/16/2014, on Yelp

    When I first came to Shuang, I had a debilitating health condition deemed a "medical anomaly" by modern medicine.

    I had lived almost a year in complete agony. It was starting to take its toll on my job & my relationship.

    The doctors offered no hope of recovery nor short term solution. At first, they told me I had a brain tumor, then an auto-immune disorder. I began to lose the will to live.

    Shuang however was always positive. She was confident of the body's natural ability to heal itself. She made it clear that it would take significant effort on my part, but if I was committed to correcting the imbalance, I would find wellness again.

    I saw her two times a week for almost a half a year. During this time, I learned to look inward and discover how my diet & lifestyle influenced my illness. Shortly after, I experienced the first signs of relief.

    Today, I am completely healthy again. I owe my life to this woman. I started off broken, and emerged a warrior. I still continue to receive treatment, for I believe it is essential to fighting illness before it starts.

    Accupuncture works & can provide relief for a variety of ailments--physical & spiritual.
    I can not think of a more knowledgeable & kind person to go to. She is a true healer!

  • Jose Batista, on Bell's Palsy, in July 2014, origianlly posted on Google Plus

    Bell's Palsy is just bad luck that you wake up one day and you have it plain and simple.
    But thank goodness for Acupuncture .If your reading this it's because your doing some research . Don't panic your not having a stroke that was my first reaction .
    I called NYC ACUPUNCTURE left a voice message Shuang Huo called me back in 10 min . (You need to take action as soon as possible in order to beat this condition) . Well this experience turned into a positive one for me they take good care of you and for me it was very relaxing and painless . Shuang Huo emphasizes on how to take care of yourself what to do and what not to do. Recovery time for me about two month everyone is different.
    GREAT PLACE to go to if you experience Bell's Palsy .
    Very professional, clean,no waiting, and in a great neighborhood.

  • Jonathan Briks on Bell's Palsy, in July 2014, origianlly posted on Google Plus

    Firstly, I just want to say that before I started here I was suffering from Bell's Palsy for about to years with very little and slow improvement from the original paralysis on the left side of my face. I could not fully smile, my left eye would constantly squint, I would always tear and have a runny nose when I ate, and so on.
    However, after my first visit, (yes! really after one visit there was improvement), my smile was sharper and my eye was less squinty. It was so noticeable that I even received comments from friends and family that my smile got wider. With each subsequent visit, I began to regain full control over my face. After two years of not being able to whistle (because I couldn't move my muscles) I am now able to whistle like I used to.
    The treatments themselves, I found, were very relaxing. The needles are painless and the moxa (A Chinese herb that when burned emanates heat that heals and is used as a counterirritant) is soothing. I also found that the acupuncturist that I had was extremely nice and went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable.
    Something that I found really cool was that at the beginning of every session the acupuncturist took pictures of my face in 4 different poses. And at the beginning of every session the acupuncturist would show a comparison of the pictures just taken and the pictures taken in previous sessions. This was extremely helpful showing me my progression and healing through out the session.
    I highly recommend this clinic if you are suffering from Bell's Palsy or even if you are looking for any other miscellaneous acupuncture treatment. I really love this place.

  • By Xiaohong Q on back pain, review left in Google Plus, in 2013

    My friend recommended me to Dr. Huo because I have serious back pain issue. I tried massage twice a week. I felt comfortable on the day of massage, and I still feel pain the next day when I head back to intense work. I saw Dr. Huo from twice a week to twice a month during the past 10 weeks. I saw Dr. Huo twice a week for the first month. Dr. Huo carefully tested my pain area to determine where should be punctured. I felt very calm and relaxed when I was punctured and it was not hurt at all. I always fell asleep during the 45 minutes session. I felt very comfortable after the first session and the next day. Then on the third day, I started to feel pain, but it was about 80% of the original pain. Then I saw Dr. Huo on the fourth day. My pain was gradually reduced about 50% for the first 4 weeks. Dr. Huo recommended me to drink whole chicken soup at the same time, especially during my period. It really helped me to better absorb the acupuncture benefit. I started to go there once a week for the second months. My pain is almost recovered. I kept seeing Dr. Huo for every 10 days and then every 2 weeks. Now I don’t feel pain at all. All the pain acupuncture points are recovered. I would definitely recommend Dr. Huo for back pain issue.

  • By "Patient A." on hearing issues, unilateral sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL); received on July 23rd, 2013 

    Hi Shuang,
    So far, my hearing is still fine. I am thankful for the help you provided for my hearing. I have not forgotten about the testimonial I promised you and have pasted it below. I think sufficient time has passed with my hearing staying normal for the testimonial to be warranted. Since my testimonial contains private medical info, please do not use my full name but just call me "Patient A." The testimonial is quite long so feel free to edit it to a shorter length if you wish.
    Best regards,

    I suffered a terrifying bout of sudden, unilateral sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) that caused loss of multiple frequencies, horrible tinitus, muffled hearing, and awful sound distortion in my right ear. The acute attack happened on a Friday evening and I figured that it must be some kind of ear infection. It was extremely difficult to sleep and the next morning (Saturday), I went to the NY Eye and Ear Infirmary emergency room where I was examined to rule out fluid in the ear or bacterial infection. The attending resident said she believed I had an acute ear virus and was told to get a hearing test on Monday. The hearing test confirmed the diagnosis of sudden unilateral sensorineural hearing loss and I scheduled an appointment with a neurotologist the next day, Tuesday.
    Prior to my appointment with the neurotologist, I saw Acupuncturist Huo for an acupuncture session because I had been seeing her for unrelated issue and called her to see if acupuncture could help with this. I had no preconceived notions that acupuncture would help at all for this particular problem especially since the nerves of my ear were involved. But I remembered reading that acupuncture can be effective for Bell's Palsy which affects the facial nerves and that chances of success improve the faster treatment is started. Acupuncturist Huo said she had good experience with SSNHL but and that it is important to start treatment as soon as possible to help increase chances of success. Thus during my acupuncture session that morning, she focused solely on the hearing loss/issues and suggested an intensive series of session.
    Later that afternoon, the neurotologist examined me and explained that once MRI rules out other potential causes, the theory is that the cause is viral in nature but this is speculative as nobody knows for certain. He said the usual protocol is to try high dose oral steroids and possibly anti-virals as soon as possible. He also advised that given the unilateral nature of the hearing loss, I must have an MRI to rule out other potential causes. I was quite scared at that point and told the physician that I had a horrible reaction to oral Prednisone in the past, and he explained that steroids could be injected directly into the ear as an alternative to avoid/minimize systemic side effects. The neurotologist also explained that steroid treatment is no guarantee that hearing will return but that if it is going to help, there is a short window of time in which the treatment would be effective. Success rates vary depending upon the level and type of frequency loss and other factors. I asked his thoughts on acupuncture treatment and he said he had no problem with acupuncture as an adjunctive therapy and he recommends it for his general tinitus patients. He then carefully explained the statistics pertaining to steroid success rates for my particular hearing loss and gave me the window of time available to try the steroids. I indicated that I wanted to give the acupuncture time to work if it was going to work at all, so he set a follow-up date for my hearing to be retested at his office which he said would still be within a sufficient timeframe to try the steroids. At that time, he said we should also schedule an MRI.
    Pursuant to Acupuncturist Huo's suggestion, I came for acupuncture on an intensive schedule. I went 3 consecutive days with 2 days off; then 2 consecutive treatment days followed by 1 day off; then 2 consecutive treatment days followed by 2 days off. During this timeframe, I made the following notes/observations:
    Acupuncture Session:
    #1: The points along the channel Acupuncturist Huo believed to be blocked were numb when she manipulated the acupuncture needles. She felt this confirmed her diagnosis and explained that in time, sensation (or the arrival of "chi") would be felt as the blockages were opened. No change in hearing symptoms after my session. I also use meditation tapes daily which employ binaural beat technology. Certain binaural beats/frequencies are masked with soothing ocean wave sounds. But since my ear attack, the tape sounds distorted/"crackly" in right ear. I decided to continue listening to the tapes daily because it served as an objective test as to whether my hearing loss in those particular frequencies was improving or not. Another objective test was the telephone receiver dial tone. It sounded higher and "tinny" in the affected ear. I checked this daily to help gauge improvement.
    #2: During the session, I felt sensation in some of the points where I had previously felt nothing. Tinitus seems better after session. Distortion still present on meditation tapes but the sound is less muffled in affected ear. Phone test still reveals distortion.
    #3: Feeling continues to improve along the blocked channel. Tinitus and distortion seems better after this session, but woke up in middle of night with loud tinitus in affected ear. In general it seems that symptoms worsen at night. Acupuncturist Huo explained that improvement would not be in a straight line and that symptoms could wax and wane as improvement continues. Muffled sound has improved to where it seems that loudness is the same in both ears. Binaural meditation tape is much less distorted in affected ear but phone test still reveals distortion.
    #4: Tinitus is gone by this session and I hear no more distortions in my right ear when listening to the binaural beat meditation tapes. The phone test, however, still reveals a distortion.
    #5: Tinitus is still gone and I did not hear distortions in my right ear when listening to the binaural beat meditation tapes. The phone test still reveals a minor "tinny" distortion.
    #6: I can feel chi arrive at all points along previously blocked channel except for one spot on top of head. Hearing seems normal except for the phone test which still reveals very subtle distortion.
    #7: Chi arrival is felt at all points except for the same point on top of head. Phone test distortion seems all but gone.
    Over the next few days, the phone distortion faded completely and I went back for my repeat hearing test and examination by the neurotologist. My hearing was normal and the physician remarked that my improvement was "remarkable." I have subsequently had an MRI which also came back normal.
    I am grateful to Acupuncturist Huo for helping me get my hearing back to normal. I would urge others to try acupuncture as an adjunctive therapy for hearing problems, but only after first seeking prompt medical attention by a qualified physician to have the appropriate hearing/diagnostic evaluations and medical treatment.
    "Patient A, NYC"
    Hearing Test Reports before and after Acupuncture

  • By V*** Cheshire on headaches, in March, 2012

    I started seeing Dr. Shuang Huo for tension headaches and facial muscle tension. I had recurring pain on one side of my face and head. After several weeks of regular treatment, I really started to notice a difference. The relief was not just temporary after the treatment, though I did usually feel relaxed after treatments. Instead, the relief seemed to be more permanent. Also, in the middle of the treatment, Dr. Huo started placing some needles for more restful sleep, and again I have to say that it really did make a difference.
    I highly recommend Dr. Huo for acupuncture therapy. She is very professional, effective and has contributed positively to my health and well being.

  • By M*** Stanton on IBS,insomnia and anxiety; received on Jan 29, 2012

    I have been a patient of Shuang Huo's for almost three months. I came to her for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, the result of a bacterial infection. I'd previously sought treatment from a number of physicians and specialists but did not get relief from any of the medications or diets prescribed.
    With acupuncture, however, I began to experience symptom relief including the cession of diarrhea and acid reflux discomfort after the second or third treatment. Those symptoms have not returned. In addition, (and unexpectedly) I also found relief from insomnia and anxiety and my energy level increased significantly. These benefits appeared slowly and have also lasted. They made me realize how much anxiety and insomnia contributed to the irritable bowel problem.
    I cannot recommend Shuang Huo as a practitioner highly enough. The relief that she has brought me gave me back my life. Irritable bowel syndrome tends to cause a person to isolate, it increases anxiety and depression and fosters insomnia. Acupuncture has broken this cycle for me.

  • By Gloria, "My Acupuncture Diary "on IBS, received June 2011

    My first visit April 19th very pleasan consultation.... I will say that it is at least 85% better than it was thanks to you and your knowledge. Full Diary Text.

  • Patient Testimony in Google:

    Definitely recommended‎
    crispy - Jun 12, 2009‎

I was sent to Dr. Huo as part of follow-up treatment for gastric motility issues, following hospitalization and placement of a feeding jejunostomy tube. Over the next 18 months or so, I continued to see Dr. Huo anywhere from twice a week to once a month; she saw me from the difficult early days, though improvement and removal of the tube, to the point where I no longer needed treatment. During this time, she proved to be competent, dedicated, detail-oriented, and caring; and she listened carefully to anything I reported. Her motility treatments definitely speeded the recovery process; she also provided effective relief from an ongoing back issue and treatment for sleep issues. When I had a temporary relapse, she was my first phone call. In short, I cannot recommend Dr. Huo highly enough, and would not hesitate to recommend her to family or friends!‎

  • Amazing Doctor! Highly Recommend‎

    By calistowolf - Sep 8, 2009‎

I was recommended to go to Dr. Huo by my gastroenterologist because I was having major problems with my IBS. Ever since I started going to her my problems have decreased signicantly. Nothing I have ever done or tried has helped me and the pains/discomfort associated with IBS like acupuncture. The best part of Dr. Huo is she listens to you, and is very concerned in healing you from within as opposed to other doctors I've seen who just want to give you pills to mask the problem. I'm very thankful to have a trustworthy acupuncturist. Dr. Huo has given me my normal routine back.‎

I have been going to Dr Huo for over a year. She has treated me for IBS,facial nerve pain,ear pain,tennis elbow ,and a bad cold with a sinus complication.We have just started treatment for reflux andasthma.She treated my daughter for hersleep difficulties. She is kind and patient.She has helped me so much.‎

  • Patient Testimony in Yellowpage:

    Provided by YELLOWPAGES.COM
    Dr. Huo is a wonderful, compas...
    Posted by dgcentral80 on 04/04/2009
    Dr. Huo is a wonderful, compassionate and accommodating OMD. I have been seeing her for over 2 months now and genuinely feel as though she has thoroughly helped me with my various and complex health issues. I feel markedly better since I began seeing her. I've found that she has always been flexible with scheduling and she begins appointments punctually. She closely monitors your individual progress and is upfront and direct about not wasting your time (or money) if you are not feeling improvement after only a few sessions. I find this honesty and straight forwardness refreshing in the alternative medicine world. I would (and do) highly recommend seeing her if you are in need of acupuncture
    Provided by YELLOWPAGES.COM
    wonderful doctor!!!
    Dr. Huo is incredibly compassionate, patient, intelligent, and informative. After a few sessions with her my pain improved immensely, and I am so grateful to her for helping me. She is very supportive and explains everything during the sessions. I was nervous initially, but her calming nature and gentle technique put me at ease immediately, and I now look forward to my acupuncture session as a time of relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing..
    Provided by YELLOWPAGES.COM
    Posted by isadora4 on 04/23/2008
    Shuang is patient,kind, and thorough. I was hesitant and a bit afraid.Now I want to fix or at least imprve everything.